Feature: Friendships So Pure

There’s this new channel I’ve been binge-watching tonight called Great Big Story. They have amazing short, easy-to-digest clips on interesting stuff. It boggles my mind how come they only have half a million subscribers when Pewdepie has 50+ million (?).  I say it’s 10 or even 100 times better than Buzzfeed, Vice, or even Vox (no offense, you’re all too liberal now). I wish this channel avoid getting political, to think that its partner channel is CNN. Haha. Please don’t change, GBS. Please don’t change.
Anyway, I spent more than two hours watching clips from their “Food” playlist and I am not even halfway through. However, one video made me just have tears. It’s not food-related, but it gives us a glimpse of five amazing stories of friendship. It’s a compilation of their human condition stories and I believe this is just too pure (except for the last one and you’ll know if you watch the video).There are five stories told here. 

  1. It’s the friendship of a guy with no hands and a guy with no vision. They are responsible for planting 10,000 trees in their area and they dedicate it to the future generations. 
  2. Opera Singer meets Korean chef. He has sang for 64 countries but lost shows and came to a point that he asked to be a dishwasher. Korean chef felt it isn’t good for the singer so he made him manager.
  3. Motocross trike. Amazing stuff. We have it better in America but guy cracked part of his backbone. I’ll stop with the Trump impression. 
  4. Mr. Roger’s neighbor. I cried, ok?! He’s just too pure. 
  5. I don’t think “liquid ass” is something so pure and innocent. Like, if you pranked people with it you’d get hit by it yourself as well. But hey, good job on creating realistic disembowelment scent for military training. 

    Life is filled with good stories, too. 


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