Who’s this lazy cook?

Hello! My name is Anjelica, and like the name of my blog I am one lazy cook. I suppose I am one because I have been meaning to make a dedicated site for my food musings for a while now. Did you know this was idle for a year before I got the guts to reconsider filling this space on the internet again? I have renewed my passion for things after being idle and lost in life. It is nice to be celebrating the little things, really. Also, it’s cliche to claim that I love food; come on, it should be a given already!


I’ve always wanted to be a cooking show host or have a test kitchen (basically, I wanted to have J Kenjie Lopez-Alt’s job since childhood but I didn’t know it really exists). The recipes I post are mostly based from existing recipes that I’ve tweaked and experimented on, though some of them are also improvised.

Most of the images posted are from me, especially food images. A few are stock photos. 

If you happen to find something interesting from my blog, don’t hesitate to comment and discuss with me. You can also contact me through onelazycookblog@gmail.com.

Bone apple tea!


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