P.S. I’ve worked with Adobe Photoshop, too.


These are some of the publicity materials and edits I’ve made in the past eight years.

The photo above shows a compilation for the publicity materials our organization had printed back in 2011. Some of mine were:




I also made online publicity materials for UP SHARP events as follows:

For our group function, I’ve arranged the following:

The one above was for our UP College of Home Economics Tearoom Takeover. It was called It-Mor: Dining the Eatalian [and Moroccan] Way.

I was also commissioned to do a menu for a small-time business:

For the Big Bang Theory Fandom related, I have tons that you can find under my Tumblr account (has a ton of gifs, shameless edits and shitposts) but some of my popular ones (earned tons of likes and reblogs)  are:

I have more of those on my laptop but currently it is broken. I have SO MUCH GIFS THERE I MIGHT JUST UPLOAD THEM TO AN ONLINE DRIVE AND BE DONE FOR.


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